An Excuse 

Is the deliberate association of Sunni Arabs to ISIL is part of a plan to gain support for displacing Iraqis ?  The dominating forces in Iraq are executing a plan for demographic change

Let’s remember that Iraq under the tyrant Sadam was a secular country where no extremists religious terrorist organisation existed …

Sectarian Tensions flare in Baghdad as some Sunni Arab families forced from Neighborhoods

No victorious but GOD, Andalusian tile


ID CARD – Mahmoud Darwish Poem

ID Card

Mahmoud Darwish

Write it down! I’m an Arab
My card number is 50000
My children number eight
And after this summer, a ninth on his way.
Does this make you rage?
I am an Arab.
With my quarry comrades I labor hard
My children number eight
I tug their bread, their clothes
And their notebooks
From within the rock
I don’t beg at your door
I don’t cower on your threshold
So does this make you rage?
Write it down!
I am an Arab.

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Keep watching ونحن نتفرج 

اختلط الحابل بالنابل

وبينما نحن نبحث عن الحقيقة عبثا

يقتل الأبرياء اللذين لا ناقة لهم ولابعير

والموت لهم خلاص

وأمر منه حياة تذهب سدى جوعا وألم

ونحن نتفرج

I can’t see a future

Keep watching ..helplessly

Chaos… while we despritly search for the truth

The innocents death,  a mercy

 while the less fortunate are

victims of greed

strangled by famine, pain and povery

Keep watching helplessly