Do people watch the news? Questioning …..

Knock knock … the double glazing window Seller …. you must have seen us on TV?
No, I don’t watch TV ….
Neither do I … I only choose to watch episode …

And I wonder… in the past you had a limited number of channels and if you miss the news on one you will probably be forced to watch it on another channel if nothing else is worth watching…..

With the advances in Technology this is no longer the case…

And I ask, how isolated many people are from reality? Assuming that TV news channels are an indication of reality or what money makers want us to believe reality is?
How many will dig deep in searching for the Real News?

Welcome to the material world …..


Why do Arabs love Erdogan?

I am not sure if I do like Erdogan because I don't really follow politics closely as I regard it as a soul corruptive wast of time.
However, I do feel sad that Turkey failed to protect its history (good and bad ) as history is the identity of a nation. Abandoning your Alphabets and changing the way you dress doesn't make you an open minded and educated industrial nation.

Europe sold nationalism to nations under slogan of freedom and democracy as part of divide and conquer strategy. We need education not only in Science and Technology but also in Islam and History.

My grandfather served the Ottoman Empire so as many other members of my family who died in Turkey defending the Ottoman Empire.