Internet Liberty ….soon a history?


What did the status of Liberty Stand for?

Juan Cole article about Internet Liberty triggered some thoughts about what powerful establishments always do and that is controlling the masses.

My Parents were researchers in an American University for 2-3 years during the late 60s

They told me that keeping the American people ignorant is a policy. You can drive the ignorant the way you choose.

Little that they know that the western liberalisation wave that taken over the MENA region since the end of 19th century used the same policy …. that went into stages and we are harvesting the results of ignorance with so much suffering.

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Do people watch the news? Questioning …..

Knock knock … the double glazing window Seller …. you must have seen us on TV?
No, I don’t watch TV ….
Neither do I … I only choose to watch episode …

And I wonder… in the past you had a limited number of channels and if you miss the news on one you will probably be forced to watch it on another channel if nothing else is worth watching…..

With the advances in Technology this is no longer the case…

And I ask, how isolated many people are from reality? Assuming that TV news channels are an indication of reality or what money makers want us to believe reality is?
How many will dig deep in searching for the Real News?

Welcome to the material world …..

More than 800-year-old Nuri Mosque in Mosul – الحدباء

Apparently they don’t know who did it! Would it make a difference?

 The United States has committed cliocide in Iraq. All of the recorded history for Iraq for the 20th century, all of it, has been completely lost in a mayhem of looting, destruction and fire. Everything the Iraqis have done and recorded since the Ottoman Empire, since the British took over and left, since the CIA gutted their Democracy with a coup in the 1950, obliterated and lost forever.

Iraqi Calligraphy Artist refuses to publish the photo picturing the destruction of Hadba as it will ever live in our heart and memory nevertheless.

They continue in their attempts to destroy our Identity and heritage. However, Today we grief for you but tomorrow we will rebuild you. [see below]


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52 Weeks of Fantastic Bindings, Week 42: 15th century Qur’an bound in contemporary gold-stamped goatskin

The divine Art of Calligraphy … continues

Echoes from the Vault

As we begin to round out our last 10 binding posts, it’s time to start getting out the treasures! This week’s binding feature is one of the highlights of our Oriental Manuscript collection: ms19(o), a richly illuminated and complete 15th century Timurid Qur’an.

A dedication note has been pasted to the front cover (pictured above) that tells us that this Qur’an was produced in 1441-1442 (AH845) by a scribe named Muhammad Mu’min ibn Abdallah al-Muwarid. It is also noted that this manuscript was made for Sultan Abu Said Shuja ad-Din Bahadur Khan, who ruled the Transoxiana region in his time, and so we can assume that this manuscript and its binding might have been produced here. Sultan Abu Said Shuja ad-Din Bahadur was the grandson of Timur, the legendary 15th century conqueror of most of western, central and southern Asia and the founder of the Timurid…

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An Excuse 

Is the deliberate association of Sunni Arabs to ISIL is part of a plan to gain support for displacing Iraqis ?  The dominating forces in Iraq are executing a plan for demographic change

Let’s remember that Iraq under the tyrant Sadam was a secular country where no extremists religious terrorist organisation existed …

Sectarian Tensions flare in Baghdad as some Sunni Arab families forced from Neighborhoods

No victorious but GOD, Andalusian tile

Cold War 2

Nowadays, our planet is much more kaleidoscopic and asymmetric in its violence than that, and the world is pretty much in flames already, should we care to look.

But a hot war would not mean Americans directly in hand-to-hand combat with Russians,


The Cry, Suad Al Attar, Iraqi Artist, 2004

conventionally or through nuclear weaponry. The doctrine of mutually assured destruction still applies. More probable, as in the last Cold War, is that they will try to stay out and allow their proxies to fight the wars for them

The Second Cold War will most likely take on that sort of character, as it is already, but in more places, with more deadly weapons, more terrorism, a greater death toll, less respect for national borders and, thus, with more dangers of escalation attached. Let’s hope Iceland manages to keep out of the way; few others will.

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We are facing the possibility of a second Cold War – and if it happens, Isis will never be defeated
Every conflict during the Cold War was fought by armies or insurgents working on behalf of the Americans, Russians, or, occasionally the Chinese: Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Angola and the list goes on. These countries would use proxies again, but with a higher death count, in the 21st century

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