More than 800-year-old Nuri Mosque in Mosul – الحدباء

Apparently they don’t know who did it! Would it make a difference?

 The United States has committed cliocide in Iraq. All of the recorded history for Iraq for the 20th century, all of it, has been completely lost in a mayhem of looting, destruction and fire. Everything the Iraqis have done and recorded since the Ottoman Empire, since the British took over and left, since the CIA gutted their Democracy with a coup in the 1950, obliterated and lost forever.

Iraqi Calligraphy Artist refuses to publish the photo picturing the destruction of Hadba as it will ever live in our heart and memory nevertheless.

They continue in their attempts to destroy our Identity and heritage. However, Today we grief for you but tomorrow we will rebuild you. [see below]


The structure was targeted by Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant militants who occupied Mosul on 10 June 2014, and previously destroyed the Tomb of Jonah. However, residents of Mosul, incensed with the destruction of their cultural sites, protected the mosque by forming a human chain and forming a resistance against ISIL.[11] Rather than destroying the site, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi appeared during a Friday prayer in this mosque on 4 July 2014 to declare the formation of a new caliphate.[12] reference Wikipedia


After destruction



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