“Who run the world? Nerds”

Scientists, Feeling Under Siege brings back memories to Iraq Scientific Research Programmes which almost vanished as a result of ‘Iraq liberation’ reducing a country which in the 70s eliminated literacy (and then a leading ‘developed’ state in the MENA region); to nothing but a pit of corruption.

Since, many scientist has either been chased, killed or left the country. While, Iraqi youths either no longer afford to go to school or suffering from a crumbling education system. This is a country which used to offer free education and donate school books to neighbouring countries!

Invasion  or Liberation?  I ask, that leads to the murder of Iraqi expertise and the burning of its own scientific research archive !?

History repeats itself, as during the destruction of Baghdad by the Mongols, the books from Baghdad’s libraries were thrown into the Tigris River in such quantities that the river ran black with the ink from the books.

As you google for information about the Iraq Scientific Research Centre you don’t find much information about what once was a leading research compound in the Middle East .

Scholars at an Abbasid library in Baghdad – Maqamat Al Hariri illustration by Yahya Al-Wasiti


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