And the bombing of Mosul continue 


Al-Hadba Minerat, which is considered to be one of Iraq’s historical icons

….. as the number of air strikes on the city seem to be ramping up…..Mosul resident: There were civilian deaths. I was personally able to identify six people among the dead and wounded.  “There are no specific times when the airstrikes start,”, the eldest son of the al-Haj Sheet family, who used to live in the northern Majmouah-Thaqafiyah neighbourhood of Mosul. “It is common to see people running down the street all of a sudden, at any time of day. I saw them last week. And then I found myself in the middle of screaming mothers and children running down the street too, almost by instinct, after a rocket hit our area and several other blocks around us.”…….

So all the people of Mosul can do is wait and worry. “Even when the air strikes stop, we always hear news of operations on the ground,” says Ahmad of the al-Haj Sheet family. “There are so many questions we cannot answer. Where can we go? Will the IS fighters allow us to leave? Will the Mosul dam collapse and flood us? Will there be a blockade where we may starve? What forces will fight in Mosul? And will they treat us as enemies or friends?

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