The Aseq (lover) Palace

 ISHQ   [1]عشق

RUMI [In the lover’s heart is a lute
Which plays the melody of longing
You say he looks crazy
But that’s only because your ears are not attuned
to the music he’s dancing to]

Suddenly everything stopped, serene, intense and mystical.

The whole universe was standing still in silence; bowing secretly to that unforgettable instance when the air went loaded with magnetic rays of feelings.

His heart craved the sense… deeply penetrating … ah
His eyes filled with longing; butterflies fluttering inside
His emotions cleaved in yearning, desperately clinging its claws …not to lose the density of a life condensed in an instance

Sense the spirit lifted; flying like an eagle in another world
The deepest pain and the kindest love; unconditional

Her eyes alive…. her words poetry… her voice a song… he loved the magical language

As she brushed past him; he wished that the dream is eternity
He watched her drift; a shadow of spirit hailed by whispering doves

Standing in silence wishing she was true….his heart whispering…. if you have ISHQ don’t let it slip away….run


Blue text is for RUMI





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