Hulagu tsunami of Baghdad هولاكو متى ترحل ؟

Hay the mighty Baghdad conquerer, when will you leave?

As the centuries pass by

Look at us…. still getting killed

Our books, crops, homes burnt

The cry of orphans …. deafening

Iraqi protest continue

يا قاهر بغداد هولاكو

متى ترحل؟

ها نحن على مر العصور

مازلنا نقتل

No one remembered to thank Iraq for hosting USA Iran war

Trump wished Iran, and USA peace and prosperity and forgot in his speech to even thank Iraq for hosting his war.

Embargo, sanctions, invasion, ISIS and highly corrupted pro Iranian government given to Iraqis by USA causing mountings figures of non stop daily civilian deaths up till this minute.

The world has forgotten the real victims of the conflict ! The Iraqi peaceful protestors mostly helpless youth. They have been in the streets in the cold wet winter asking for freedom and justice. Over 600 dead and thousands injured during the last 3 months of 2019 only.

Trump keeps talking about protecting the civilised world. Most likely he doesn’t know that Iraq (means original) is the cradle of civilisation, Mesopotamia. The Iraqi revolution unleashed some amazing solidarity and creativity , rebuilding the Iraqis identity, bringing back the power of love, peace and social unity.

The Iraqis continue nevertheless relentlessly calling for freedom:




Internet Liberty ….soon a history?


What did the status of Liberty Stand for?

Juan Cole article about Internet Liberty triggered some thoughts about what powerful establishments always do and that is controlling the masses.

My Parents were researchers in an American University for 2-3 years during the late 60s

They told me that keeping the American people ignorant is a policy. You can drive the ignorant the way you choose.

Little that they know that the western liberalisation wave that taken over the MENA region since the end of 19th century used the same policy …. that went into stages and we are harvesting the results of ignorance with so much suffering.

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